Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adventures in attachment parenting.

So this afternoon when YH got up from his nap I thought we'd play some "fun" attachment games. He's big on snacks so I decided we'd do one where you put a teddy graham in your pursed lips and have the kid take it from you with his mouth--like a teddy graham kiss. 
Oh the sweet bonding times we'd have!

Turns out we have no teddy grahams. No problem, I'll use O's. The article I read where I learned this game suggested using O's for older infants; I'm sure it will be fine.

So we go out to the front yard and he sits on my lap and I start the game and he quickly gets the hang of it. We're laughing and kissing and I'm mentally patting myself on the back for rocking it on the attachment front.

Then he goes in for another O, only this time when he pulls back there's some resistance and at first I don't understand what's happening. But then I feel a wet numbness on my upper lip, followed by intense stinging and my mouth fills with a copper taste.

Little dude TOTALLY bit my lip, majorly.

Now I think quickly enough to realize that all our cozy-attachment work would be undone by a) me screaming or b) the sight of my face covered in blood. So I tuck my wounded lip into my mouth, puff out my cheeks and cross my eyes--like I'm making a silly face. Then I get up and start dancing like a monkey into the house. YH follows me, laughing.

I see my husband and wave my arms at him wildly, trying to communicate that he should take hold of YH. He looks at me confusedly, but starts to distract YH.

I go into the bathroom and close the door so I can inspect the damage.

The center of my upper lip has a deep gash and the labial frenulum is pretty badly nicked.

Attachment parenting fail.

As it turns out the reason you use teddy grahams and NOT O's when you play this game with a toddler is because O's are REALLY small and a toddler could eat your face off trying to get them.

Lesson learned.

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