Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 1: Blood, sweat and tears.

 Oh friends. When I started this blog I imagined it would be much lighter and funnier. Practically crackling with witticisms! And yet somehow this space has become murky with whining and moping. So sorry about that.

Also sad to report that *today's* post is not exactly happy-sunshine-awesome-times.

In the interest of time, you may just want to watch the following video:

Yes indeedy. My first day as a stay-at-home parent was fraught with First World Problems.
Here are some highlights:

1. BLOOD: I managed to wake up on time, make some super strong coffee, pack nutritious and lovely-to-look-at lunches for the kids, get them dressed and brushed and out the door with enough time to walk to school. They even had their darn safety vests on. HOORAY! I felt like super mom. Until Cole wiped out twice and ended up with oozing knees about half-way through our walk. Amalia had to ask a teacher to get giant band-aids to cover his wounds.

2. SWEAT: After recovering from the walk-to-school fail I got *myself* dressed and fed for a Skate for Fitness class taught by two of my absolute favorite people on the planet. Y'all. I have been looking forward to attending this class for MONTHS.

You know what else I've been doing for MONTHS? Sitting on my keister and moping over my job/the adoption process/Mad Men's delayed return to television...you name it. As a result of all this super-productive sitting my flesh has reached a state very similar to that of veal. As in: no muscle to speak of. I guess that despair is kind of like a tenderizer? At any rate, I am not in prime condition BUT I was excited to get out on the track and start from zero. I love a good cleansing sweat!

Which brings me to:

3. TEARS: Yes, class was challenging. And yes, I was soooo excited to be with my friends who are amazing coaches and the most supportive people you will ever meet. Really. If someone ever says to you "Hey--would you like a chance to be friends with Heather Fisher and Wendy Salome?" you should say "YES PLEASE" immediately. But I guess that all that exercise helped trigger some mighty BIG emotions because before you know it I was absolutely LOSING MY SHIT during a footwork drill. Whaaaaa? It was like doing the grapevine unlocked a secret store of frustration and tears. So not pretty or dignified.

I put my tail between my legs and hoofed it home right quick. Wept into my kale and watched "The Chew" until I felt like I could face the world again.

It wasn't all misery: I did manage to walk through the 70 degree sunshine to collect my littles from school, caught up with some parent friends, arranged to go halfsies on a CSA share with my neighbor, figured out science fair projects for each kid, helped with homework, baked a loaf of bread, roasted a chicken and some vegetables, fed the pooches and got everyone ready for bed. Not bad for my first day on the job.


  1. i think it would be totally appropriate to call it "Skate for Sanity" - it was SO great to have you there today - you were amazing and you are way too hard on yourself...

    i have been scolding the universe for dumping too much shit on you, so hopefully my best mom voice will do the job.

    love yoU!!!

  2. And.. Let's not forget...write this blog. Are you sure you don't have a cape hidden somewhere under your clothes?? Thanks for sharing! It's a gift to be able to keep up with your family even if it's only through cyber-space.