Monday, January 9, 2012

Spicy* said I should, and so I did.

Well hello there blogosphere. How funny to see you from this angle. Usually I am ambling through your twisted alleyways from the comfort of my desk at work--but that's all about to change.

I'm looking to hit all the lady-blogger-tropes in one fell swoop, so I give you: The MomBlog-AdoptiveParentBlog-FashionBlog-PopCultureBlog-with occasional emo whinings.

You're psyched aren't you? Also: I'm bringing back "psyched".

So yeah. I'm Nora. I have two kids and we're in the final steps of the process to adopt our third child. I am leaving my full-time job at the end of this week in order to focus on my family for a bit. I have mixed feelings about this change and I'm pretty sure the potential for me to screw this up BIG TIME is ginromous. Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha? Ha. Ha. Ha. Sob....sob...sob...

Enough typing--let's talk about shoes or something.

*Re: The title of this post. Sometimes I forget that most grown-ups call each other by their real names. "Spicy" is in fact the roller derby persona of a dear friend of mine. We play the roller derby together and so it is hard for me to look at her and think "Heather" because she is so obviously "Spicy". Got it?


  1. You want to talk about shoes? Let's! I saw these:

    And then I died.

    Also, super excited about your new blog!

  2. Oh my god. My eyeballs just gave up. They will never see another pair so lovely...Excellent find my Biz-ness!

  3. I'm so totally Psyched! I love it when a friend listens. Guess what? I never read blogs. Ha ha ha! And I don't read. And I'm not uber intelligent or even hip. But I wanted you to do this because I want to know your journey. I want to feel a part of it. And ok- it wouldnt hurt for me to actually up my intelligence or become a hipster. I say intelligent because I dont understand half of the things you post on facebook. I am learning if you fake it, you can make it.

  4. This is going to be the best blog EVER!!!