Friday, March 30, 2012

Emigration Permit submitted!!!!!!!!

Yesterday morning at 9:30 I saw the first post on facebook. Someone with another agency was submitted for EP! The second batch was submitted in March!

My stomach clenched and my hands went numb. I hit "refresh refresh refresh" for twenty minutes--twenty unproductive minutes.

I decided to go for a run--grabbed the dog and her leash and hit the pavement. I ran like the wind. Whereas I am normally a slow and huffing runner, today I was a gazelle. A gazelle being pursued by a lion. The dog was confused--happy, but confused.

We got home an hour later and I looked at my cell phone--no missed calls. I looked at my email--no new messages. I logged on to FB and watched three people with late January ATK dates post that they had been submitted for EP. I started to sweat a little harder.

I wrote the following email to my (saintly) program specialist:

"Oh J***,
I feel like I'm going to throw up. Do you have bad news for me today re: the second batch?

I hit send. I hit refresh for five more minutes.
My home phone rang and I leaped across the house to answer it. Caller ID said "Childrens Home"

I grabbed the phone and said "hello?" in a super shaky teeny tiny voice.

My program specialist said "Nora?'

I said "Hi J*** how are you? How is the weather? What did you have for dinner?" and on and on trying to fill the space.

J*** said "Nora, stop. I have something to tell you."

J*** told me the good news and I started to cry. Heaving sobs. SOBS.
I hung up and called my husband. I cried some more. (I am still crying.) I walked around the house and picked things up, and put them back down again. I took the dog for a second run.



  1. AWESOME!! I totally remember that feeling..and the picking up things and putting them down and somehow I had to still see patients the rest of the day... SO HAPPY FOR YOU! The journey really begins now :)

  2. Sweet! My SW called me at 0630. Sorry to cause you hours of stress after my post :)
    Hope to see you in Seoul!

  3. Crying and rejoicing! :) Congrats! :)