Thursday, March 1, 2012


(exciting news people!)

(i'm still going to whisper this part so that i don't jinx it actually happening: yesterday our agency confirmed that the Korean government will start processing emigration permits on monday, march 5 2012. the first few batches of permits are expected to be processed more quickly than normal; families in the first batch to be processed may be traveling to take custody by the end of march.)


This is happening. After over a year of waiting, waiting, waiting we can finally say with some certainty that we are in the home stretch.

It is unlikely we will be in the first batch of families to travel--we're hoping for the second. That would probably mean travel in April.

And in case you are wondering what my mental state is like in light of this wonderful news, allow me to give you a glimpse:

YES! I can't wait! Let us be in the first batch please oh please!

OhmygodIamsonotreadyforthisyet. We still have so much to prepare!

I can't wait to be home with YH and to start caring for him. I can't wait to hold him and smell his hair and tell him how much we love him.

Ack! The new dog starts obedience training in mid-March. We can't travel before April or she won't get to finish her class and she'll be untrained and then what will we doooooo....

The new dog will be so great with YH. She's so chill and even tempered. She loves kids and senses when to be extra gentle with them.

I have to finish raking the leaves out of the yard! I have to set up a water table and sand box! I have to spend one on one time with my oldest kids! I have no time!

I'm going to make a dog cart just like  Sweet Juniper did.

 I am so bummed that Davy Jones died.

And so on.

Happy one minute, freaked the eff out the next minute.

Tomorrow I'm attending a parenting workshop ("Beyond Consequences" with Heather Forbes) at the invitation of my friend and fellow adoptive parent. I think it will be good to spend the day focusing on building parenting skills.

If you can--send out some extra positive energy on Monday.  Our agency will be calling families on that day to let them know whether or not their child's permit has been submitted. I have many friends who have been waiting for 15+ months to travel, whose children are about to turn 5 years old, who are READY to meet their child. I want their phones to ring with good news.


  1. I'm jealous you're attending that. She was here but there was no room. My state is the same as yours, mentally. I'm freakin' on all we have to do .... but I'm feeling so light, as though I'm walking on air.

  2. Jean--I'll send you copies of any materials I get at the training! I much prefer the freaking out part to the wallowing in despair part. Mania suits me so much better...

  3. Awesome news! And you're ready. Believe me. You'll never be READY, but you are ready enough :)