Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like clockwork.

It's Tuesday.
Tuesday=supercrazyskyhighanxiety day.

My fellow waiting friends are ANGRY. They are TIRED. They are NUMB.

The placing agencies now say the Ministry has indicated it will start accepting Emigration Permit submissions in early-March. I want to believe this will happen, but even our agency's official update sounds skeptical that this will be the case. We've gotten our hopes up several times before about a "for sure" date.

A family who has been waiting almost a year since receiving their referral got a phone call from their agency alerting them to the fact that their child's foster family wishes to adopt the child. The family in the US lost the referral. In Korea there is no age restriction on families adopting domestically. A pending international adoption can be dissolved if a member of the child's birth family (or any Korean family) wishes to adopt the child. This is true pretty much up until the family adopting internationally takes custody of the child.

Can you imagine how you might feel if at this moment in time, this raw and vulnerable moment, you lost the referral of a child you had loved for over a year? The mama in question has written a letter/blog post to her almost-daughter's foster mother:

A letter to Mrs. Chung

Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Terrifying.

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