Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some things I know

When he moved in with Mrs. S, another little boy shared their home. That boy left to join his family in the US about a month after YH arrived on the scene.

He likes to throw things. Mrs. S thinks he might be a baseball player.

He takes one bottle per day, at bedtime. Mrs. S pats him firmly on his back until he falls asleep. On a mat on the floor, wrapped in her arms.

He is very close with Mr. S. The examine flowers together on family trips to the countryside.

Mr. and Mrs. S have a son who is in his early twenties. He is a big presence in YH's life. Recently, Big Brother has introduced YH to smartphones. YH loves to play games and watch videos on Big Brother's smartphone.

Once Mrs. S took YH on a road trip to visit her family members in the village where she was born. It was the longest car ride YH had been on and he cried the whole way. They stopped at a dinosaur park by the ocean. He loved the giant dinosaur sculptures but was terrified of the waves.

He looks really good in the color purple.

When his hair gets long he looks sooooo much like a K-Pop star. SO! MUCH!

He is very mischievous and every time he moves he leaves trouble in his wake.

He took his first step two days after we accepted his referral. Now he runs. Now he climbs.

He will have a small party for his birthday this Saturday. There will be a cake and some friends will come by.

I will spend that day with Sean and my older kids.

I will hit "refresh" "refresh" "refresh"...willing the computer gods to spit out new information for me.

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